Be Brilliant at Publishing

Let Us Show You How




To be brilliant as a publisher, you have to be profitable. To be profitable, you have to have a Plan, to create Sales, and to bring in more Revenue than you spend in Expenses. It is simple in concept and amazingly difficult in practice, at the same time.

How to Be Brilliant:

  • Let us look at where you are right now, and discuss your publishing goals..
  • We will create a Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan to focus on those goals.
  • We will guide you to implementing and executing the Plans, measuring results, making necessary adjustments, and eventually, achieving your goals.
  • Then, we will execute your Exit Strategy, when you are ready.




Let's assume you have a Plan and simply need advice on implementation and execution of specific activities, markets, or strategies. Or even the ability to have a publishing mentor to call on regularly for those difficult questions. We are happy to provide interim consulting.

How to Stay Brilliant:

  • Be painfully aware of what you do well and what you don't do well.
  • Make sure you are staying on your Plan, and get professional help to succeed.
  • Let your professional help bring in ideas, implementations, and adjustments to advance your company to profitability and then success... or greater profitability and success.
  • Plan for an Exit Strategy.  And contact us now!