While business changes almost daily, three things remain constant if you expect to succeed:

     You have to have a Plan.

     You have to create sales.

     You have to bring in more money than you      spend, in the long run.

Technology doesn't change that. B2B, D2C, and A2Z doesn't change that. 

A Plan, More Sales, and Being Profitable.

Our primary focus is in publishing. Forty successful years of operating publishing companies and consulting with publishers of all sizes and stripes.



If you expect to be successful in publishing...

If you expect to grow a publishing company...

If you want to spend your time efficiently and strategically...

If you expect to be able to quit someday and cash out...

Then, it is time for you to invest in a relationship with a successful Publishing Consultant. We can help you create a Strategic Plan, implement that Plan, create successful Marketing, watch your Dollars, grow your Company, and eventually, assist you in preparing for and successfully selling your Company. 


I am thankful to have gotten NPL involved in my plan early. Now I am selling out and retiring... meeting my financial expectations. I want to thank Martin for all his hard work.
NPL saved our company from going bankrupt with a day’s consult. Hard to imagine, but two simple ideas, implemented, and six weeks later, we were out of the woods. Thank you a million times.
If you hire a successful publishing broker, your sale will go smoothly, like mine did.
Strategic Plan, Financial Plan, Marketing Plan, Exit Plan. Those who plan are ten times more likely to succeed to being in business for ten years or more.
Think, Plan, Execute, Profit.
— Martin Foner, NPL Publishing Consultants