Self Publishing is Going to Put Publishers Out of Business ... Really?

Well, I am sure this person has plenty of evidence of his opinions. And I am equally sure there are hundreds if not thousands of disgruntled authors who are pleased as punch to be self employed.

But, the one factor this person doesn't consider is entrepreneurial capacity. In simple English, not all writers are good business people. And Lord knows I have met many of them and they have often called on me to help them with their "business" side.

I will tell one story and let this subject go so you publishers don't go to bed tonight scared of the dark too: Self pub comes to me..paying I think $5/book for POD service. Gets an order for 1,000 books and was asked for a DEEP discount... and wonders how he is going to sell books at a DEEP discount when he pays $5 a book to print them. Hello! How about using a real printer and get your price down to about $2 a book? Then you can sell them for $5 a book and MAKE $3,000! 

While we as publishers should be kind to authors... you know my stand about them. They are NOT partners and certainly NOT part owners of your company. So don't treat them that way. Respect but bowing down and ass kissing... that is reserved for the ones that truly count... CUSTOMERS who place big orders!  For a 10,000 book order I will have the first 1,000 delivered by limo and you can use the limo the rest of the day. 

Remember, it is just as easy to sell one customer a thousand books as it is to sell 1,000 customers one book each.