Welcome to the NEW NPL site.

Notice a few changes...

Less text. You know what I do and how I get it done. If you feel you need my help, you probably do.

Simple navigation. Not a hundred pages of explanations. If you want to contact me, then do it today.

Two interesting pages.

The Blog page, here, where I will be speaking regularly on topics of import to publishers. I will get a bit more 'wide ranging' than in my newsletter. Expect blog posts a few times a week when things are happening... maybe once a week when things are quiet.

The Listings page. Where I am putting all the companies I have for sale currently. I am likely to do this as I get new companies... so it could be once a week or once a month... but do come back and check in, as I wont be listing them in the newsletter as much.

Conclusion. You know who I am and what I do. If I may be of service, contact me immediately and let's get successful together. Strategic, Marketing, Growth, and/or Exit Plans.